All You Need to Know About Nicotine

smoking-6Nicotine has both harmful and medicinal effects. It is present in tobacco which is very harmful. In this article we will discuss about nicotine thoroughly.

Nicotine is a stimulant drug. It stimulates the autonomous nervous system. It is mainly present in the nightshade species of plant. It develops in the roots of these plants and then accumulates in the leaves. Nicotine also functions as anti herbivores chemical. In the past, it was used as insecticide. If taken in small doses, it acts as stimulant which enhances the mental or physical health for the time being. But if taken in higher doses, it is extremely harmful as it causes nicotine addiction or tobacco smoking addiction. Once you are addicted to nicotine it is very difficult to quit the habit and get rid of its ill effects.

Tobacco contains nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide which are fatal for human health. Nicotine addiction has proved to be the hardest addiction to quit since centuries. It reduces the appetite and raises the metabolism rate. As a consequence the smoker loses weight. Nicotine has a stimulating effect in the body. It increases the alertness of the brain, gives relief from anxiety and pain. After smoking of a cigarette, the nicotine rich blood reaches the brain in just seven seconds and instantly stimulates the brain to release many chemical messengers.

A cigarette contains 1 to 3 mg of nicotine in it. This amount of nicotine taken frequently might result to be extremely harmful for health. It increases blood pressure and heart rate. These result in cardiac arrest and death or partial or full paralysis. It damages the human coronary arteries and also the micro vascular cells are damaged through its action. Nicotine addiction also causes insomnia, abnormal dreams, muscle tremors, headaches, light headedness, bronchial spasms, increased heart rate and blood rate, and lots of other health issues. Quitting smoking can be extremely difficult or seem impossible. But with new discoveries, lots of new products and substitutes are being launched to help a smoker get rid of the ill habit. All one needs to do is keep a control over one’s urges.

smoking-7Nicotine free cigarettes are available. They are completely nicotine free and act as a substitute of cigarettes for the smokers. They are completely harmless and also rechargeable, since they are operated via battery. They give you the satisfaction of a flavoured smoke without the ill effects of nicotine, tar or carbon monoxide. Rechargeable Eshisha cigarettes and pens act as a substitute for the smokers who wishes to quit smoking. It uses a heating element to vaporise a liquid which gives the smoker a puff without harming. Rechargeable Eshisha cigarettes are available in various shapes, sizes and flavours to choose from. These nicotine-free cigarettes do check the bad effects of nicotine but the addiction is not nullified completely. It is better to completely quit smoking rather than finding a substitute.

But quitting smoking is not so easy, so Eshisha cigarettes are the best option to reduce the nicotine addiction and nicotine level in the blood. Eshisha cigarettes are also available in India. So, one should take a step towards a comparatively safer lifestyle and move away from nicotine addiction by using these products which will help to get rid of tobacco smoking.

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