An Overview of the Damon Brace System

Pretty young girl wearing bracesCrowded, crooked teeth can be unsightly and make an individual hesitant to smile and uncomfortable with their appearance, leading to self-esteem issues. Crooked teeth can also lead to problems with overall oral health as they may be more difficult to clean than straight teeth and may even cause digestive problems due to the limited ability to chew.

Metal braces have been the standard treatment for crowded or misaligned teeth for a long time, and are still widely used. Despite the fact that they can be effective in many cases, they do come with certain drawbacks, like the fact that they take a long time to straighten teeth, and in many cases they require that some of the patient’s teeth be extracted.

The Experience of Wearing Damon

Damon system braces offer patients a relatively comfortable experience, in that no teeth have to be extracted for a patient to have them installed. They also provide results more quickly and efficiently than old fashioned metal braces or clear aligners, with the patient having to make fewer trips to the orthodontist to have their braces adjusted. The design of Damon system Braces involves the use of titanium shape-memory wires that provide the same teeth-straightening effect as older-style braces but without the same amount of friction. Damon braces are also far less obvious than traditional braces and much easier to keep clean, which means a lower likelihood of getting cavities because of the braces.

graftThe Revolutionary Design of Damon Braces

Unlike traditional braces, these braces are self-ligating which is a term indicating that they do not need the elastic or metal ties used by older braces. These ties provide the tension that is used to straighten the teeth. Instead, Damon System Braces use a high-tech slide device to move the braces. Another area in which Damon Systems Braces are revolutionary is in the bracket material. Traditional braces use metal brackets that are prone to staining easily and may eventually look worn and unsightly. Damon System Braces are made with an ultra-hard ceramic that is far more durable and less likely to stain.


Cost is often the main area of concern for people who are considering braces. While the cost of Damon System Braces will depend on the orthodontist, in most cases, it is about the same as that of traditional braces.