Avoiding Obesity with Portion Control

pizzaIt is not just what we eat, but how much we eat that affects our BMI and weight. Unhealthy eating habits such as eating large portions can play a profound role in our body weight and the development of obesity. Portion control is essential to weight loss. Of course eating healthily is vital, but even that can be dangerous if you consume too many calories. Obesity is currently at worrying levels for both adults and children and it is time that we buck the trend. We’ve put together a few helpful tips to assist you with avoiding obesity with portion control. Take a look below!

Smaller Meals

Many of us are in a bad habit of eating two or three large meals a day and nothing else. There are several reasons that we should avoid doing this and eat small and often instead. By doing this you will avoid becoming hungry and overeating. Another reason why you should not eat too much is that you will after feel sluggish and sleepy because your body will be struggling to digest all that food. Therefore, stop eating at a moment where you feel full but would go for one more portion. You will see that after waiting 15 minutes you will even feel fuller and will be happy that you did not go for an extra filling. Snack regularly on nutritious whole grain foods to avoid unwanted hunger and eat 5 to 6 small meals a day. This will also help you to keep consistent blood sugar levels throughout the day and avoid peaks and low turns in energy.

Split Meals

Often we serve up meals or are served a dish when eating out they are huge and we feel obliged to clean the plate. It is easier to cut the size of meals when eating at home; one great way to help do this is by using smaller serving plates. However, when eating out it is often more difficult to resist the temptation. We suggest you split a meal when eating Weightout with a friend. Not only is it a good idea for your health, but a good idea for your pocket too. If you’re not keen on this idea, why not ask for a bag to take home the some of your meal in, it will be like eating out two nights in a row!

It’s Not All About Meat

Many of us conform to the tradition of making meat the main component of a dish. We suggest trying to shake things up a bit, by avoiding this and maybe making your starter meat based dish instead. Try suggesting meat with vegetables and wholesome, Healthy India whole grains. By stocking up on whole grains your body will feel fuller quicker and avoid unwanted hunger pangs. By including more vegetables in your diet, you are incorporating a wider variety vitamins and minerals which makes for a healthier and happier you.

There are plenty measures that you can take to help you on the road to portion control. Unfortunately in today’s modern society, obesity is at an epidemic level and at a higher rate than ever before. Managing portion sizes is just one of the steps we can take to avoid and solve this problem.

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