Can’t stop sneezing? All about Hay Fever

teen9This is probably because the pollen count is increasing by more than 200 grains in every cubic metre of air, due to increased wet conditions. Some people are only mildly affected with Hay fever and can find a cure upon seeking medical advice. However, many people will be affected severely; symptoms that are commonly associated with Hay fever include sneezing, watery eyes, a runny nose and so on.

Hay fever is caused not only by pollen; but also triggered by different allergens, like dust, spores, mould, animal dander etc;

Currently there are many treatment options that have been developed, some of them include:

  • Antihistamine sprays and tablets to relieve from itching, blocking/running nose
  • Nasal Corticosteroids for those who suffer from nose irritation
  • Eye drops to reduce swelling in the eyes
  • Oral corticosteroids for severe sufferer’s – should only be for short term use and to be prescribed by a doctor

The Infographic by Benadryl below highlights some key facts about Hay Fever