Career Options for Grads With a Bachelors Degree in Health Informatics

The entire healthcare industry is moving from the old fashioned mode of hard copies and analog procedures to a more streamlined, digitized platform that allow nurses, doctors, surgeons and others in the medical care field to offer better and more efficient care to patients. How can nurseyou get in on the action? The best way to join this migration is to get your degree in health informatics. Health informatics is the definable term to describe the job of helping the healthcare system get out of the mud and into the cloud – quite literally. Right now, there are countless positions open in multiple different healthcare sectors. Here are some career options for grads with a bachelors degree in health informatics.

One of the most common health informatics professions is that of a clinical analyst. As a clinical analyst, you will be a part of a team of informatics specialists tasked to digitally overhaul a particular hospital or clinic’s information system. You may create more efficient workflow platforms for nurses and doctors, but you may also devise a system for streamlining patient documentation, like medical records and payment information. As a clinical analyst, you can make a decent salary and you can work with a very smart, creative and talented team of informatics specialists.

Another great career for informatics specialists is in the pharmaceutical field. Basically, your job will be to streamline a certain pharmacy’s digital platform. Not only will you be responsible for making sure that a particular pharmacy’s platform is run efficiently, but you will also make sure that information is kept confidential and private. This will require devising systems to safeguard a pharmacy’s platform against hackers and pirates. Also, you will be responsible for making sure that patients receive the medication they need in a timely manner.

Next, you could also enter the nursing informatics field. As a nursing informatics specialist, it will be your job to streamline and digitize a hospital or clinic’s nursing fleet management system. You will devise platforms and strategies that make it easier for nurses to reach patients and for doctors to reach nurses. In the fast paced environment of a hospital or emergency room, having a full time informatics specialist on task is vital, which is why there is so much demand for this particularly specialized field of study. If you visit, you can secure your informatics degree, which can open up an entire world opportunities in the nursing informatics profession.

Lastly, you could also become an independent healthcare informatics consultant. With your expertise, you may travel all over the world to streamline, digitize and revamp computer and digital system platforms for hospitals, clinics and much more. As a consultant, you could stand to make a very high annual salary and you won’t be under the guidance of a boss or management team, which means that you can devise your own schedule. At the end of the day, if you like to work without these constraints, becoming an independent health informatics consultant may be the best career option for you.