Causes and treatment of Halitosis

coupleHalitosis, which is also known as bad breath is a problem that affects people from different age and sex. It is common for people to have short periods where they experience the condition. It is also estimated that at least 50% of people suffer from a bad breath. This condition is caused by several factors.

One of the major causes of halitosis is the bacteria that are usually present in the mouth for the breaking down of food. Where you have a bad breath which is persistent, it may be a sign of a sick gum. There are other lifestyle habits that can cause the disorder and they include taking foods that are strongly flavored, drinking alcohol and smoking. In rare occasions, bad breath may be a sign of infection.

One of the effective treatment options for halitosis is . You can seek the advice of your dentist on how to improve this.

sleepMost of the problems that you have in the mouth are caused by germs. These problems may include bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay and at times sensitivity. The germs make all areas of the mouth such as the gums; tongue as well as the mouth roof their dwelling place.

Even though brushing may make your teeth to feel clean, it doesn’t get rid of the bacteria in the mouth. This is where Listerine products can come to your aid. This is a product that kills up to 97% of germs that are in the mouth. Unlike brushing that only reaches the teeth, Listerine gets to the whole mouth, cleaning it deeper especially in those areas that the brush doesn’t reach. It is made of made of essential oils that make a unique formula. Therefore, if you intend to remedy halitosis and other mouth problems, you should start using Listerine.