Control Underarm Sweating with Vaser Body Contouring System

surgery-5Excessive underarm sweating is a condition medically known as “hyperhydrosis”, and for many, it is difficult to resolve, embarrassing to live with and an overall hassle. From ruining white shirts and staining other clothes to the embarrassing pit stains and potential odors, hyperhydrosis is an embarrassing condition that can be treated successfully. When multiple apllications of underarm deodorants and anti-perspirants and even clinical strength deodorants and anti-perspirants fail, it is time to consider seeking professional medical help. There are options for treating hyperhydrosis, including the Vaser Body Contouring System, a revolutionary, new procedure that permanently reduces excessive underarm sweating.

The Vaser Body Contouring System is among other methods of treating excessive underarm sweat or hyperhydrosis. Perhaps the most common solution is BOTOX injections, but this fall flat when compared to the Vaser Body Contouring System. BOTOX is not permanent, requires injection periodically to control your hyperhydrosis and is costly when those injections add up – but it is not your only option for hyperhydrosis any longer.

Physicians have begun to move away from BOTOX and on to Vaser with a body contouring device that relies on ultrasound technology to work. A short procedure, it lasts only around 25 minutes on average and requires light sedation of the patient. After being sedated, the physician will inject tumescent fluid, which is the same fluid that is used in liposuction procedures. This is done to help the ultrasonic waves of the ultrasound to move through the underarm.


By setting the ultrasonic waves to a specific frequency, the sweat glands are damaged and then killed without harming the surrounding tissue in the underarm. The glands, now dead, will not return, thus eliminating the need for multiple procedures. The dead glands are removed from the underarm and typically require only one stitch.

Vaser was recently featured on “The Doctors”. Dr. Pearlman Hicks explained the procedure with the following details: not all of the glands are killed in the procedure as some sweating is natural and even healthy. This procedure permanently reduces sweating and is not for anyone who sweats only a moderate amount. Only those with excessive underarm sweating should use Vaser.

Make sure your physician is familiar with the procedure if you believe that you could use Vaser to reduce your hyperhydrosis. The procedure will be off-label and thus, you must make sure that your physician is familiar with the Vaser Body Contouring System.

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