CPR manikins – Professional quality, highly realistic manikins make it easier to learn correct procedures

Resustitation demonstrationCPR manikins have been used for decades and were introduced in the late fifties and early sixties with the now famous ‘Resusci Anne’. CPR is an important part of first aid training and, considering you cannot practice on a real person without causing serious injury, manikins are the only way to train.

An important fixture in many industries, first aid training ranges from basic first aid to emergency responder training and beyond – but almost all training includes the use of CPR manikins.

Importance of manikins

Manikins have been developed over the years to become more and more realistic, now offering detailed anatomical features which allow students to learn more accurately. Without manikins to use in CPR training, students would be completely in the dark as to the extent of required pressure and amount of air to give if put in an emergency situation.

With anatomical landmarks such as a rib cage, the carotid artery and an Adam’s apple, professional quality manikins allow students to become aware of correct hand placing and can even practice other procedures such as the Heimlich manoeuvre.

dotor-Wide usage

Medical equipment such as CPR manikins are used throughout the world in different training settings. From lifeguards and schoolchildren to medical students and office managers, CPR is a crucial part of first aid and medical training.

If you’re looking to update your CPR manikins or are sourcing manikins for a new class or institution then you have a lot of choice. Medical equipment companies such as BoundTree Medical stock a range of professional quality CPR manikins depending on your needs.

Deciding which manikins you need

Depending on whether the manikins will be used for larger classes such as medical school and other school training, or if they’ll be used for small, select groups such as lifeguard training or sports training, you may need a simple family pack or a pack of identical manikins.

A community class teaching new parents may need primarily infant and child manikins, whereas a medical school may need a combination of adults of different sizes and a selection of child and infant manikins. Online medical supplies companies frequently have large ranges, where you are likely to find what you need.


Realistic medical training

‘One size fits all’ is not applicable to medical supplies in general, let alone CPR manikins. Training a student on an adult manikin does not mean they have the knowledge to treat an infant and realistic manikins are absolutely imperative.

Incorrect CPR can cause severe damage to a human and when you source your CPR manikins, it is best to do so from a medical supplies company who specialise in hospital and medical equipment. Try to find a company who stock a wide range of brands in order for you to be able to compare and make an informed decision.

Online Medical Suppliers

Buying your medical equipment online is a good way to get a full selection, read reviews and get benefits such as free delivery. Any problems or queries can be answered by helpful customer service lines and websites are frequently more competitively priced than a physical shop.

About the author  – Kitiara Pascoe is a contributor to websites and blogs in a range of fields including medical law and medical supplies. She is a fully qualified first-aider and regularly visits Bound Tree Medical’s website to stay up to date on all the latest products available.