Easy Ways to Avoid Food Poisoning on a Road Trip

eating-foodFood poisoning can easily ruin the entire vacation, not to mention the additional hospital expenses that can be incurred because of it. Thousands of tourists travel and take at least one to two trips during spring and summer, and because of that there are more reasons for them to avoid food poisoning especially on a road trip.

People who go on a road trip are more likely to pack food for the trip in order to save money. However, there are certain precautionary things that they need to do in order to prevent food poisoning.

Food, if not prepared and packed accordingly, can easily get spoiled. This can increase cases of food poisoning.
People who are in an on-road picnic are most likely to bring sandwiches, chips and dips, pre-packaged lunch with meat and cheese as well as fresh fruit or vegetables.

health-foodFood Safety Tips On The Road:

1. Always wash hands with soap and water during food preparation:
This tip is very crucial especially when preparing finger foods, it would be best to wash hands using soap and water instead of just using moist towels. During the trip, before people can dig in, they need to wash their hands with hand sanitizer or water and soap if available.

2. Never leave food for more than an hour unrefrigerated:
This is especially true for meat products, especially ham and bacon, which are often added to sandwiches.
Within a few minutes ham and other meat products can start accumulating bacteria if left outside too long.
It would be best to refrigerate the items when not in use, especially during hot weather. Bring a cooler with some ice packs and place them in an air-conditioned vehicle during travel.
The food will stay edible longer using this process and could reduce the chances of food poisoning.

3. Pack easy-to transport foods instead:
In order to decrease the chances of food poisoning take food that will not easily spoil. For snacks, bring cereals, popcorn, and trail mix; fresh fruits like grapes, carrots or celery.
Avoid carry-out foods because they are more prone to cause food poisoning.


4. Be careful about street foods:
Travellers like to eat street food. However, extra caution needs to be undertaken in order to avoid food poisoning.
Avoid eating fruits and vegetables that you have not peeled yourself.

5. Avoid food items that are prone to bacteria:
If you want to really avoid the chances of suffering from food poisoning during travel, be sure to lessen the intake of cold meat platters, unsealed mayonnaise, fish organs and shellfish like clams, mussels and oysters.
Any unpasteurized dairy products like yogurt and cheese must also be avoided, it would be best to stick to shelled foods such as nuts.

Once you have a list for preventing food poisoning, make sure that there will be no further hassles during the travel.
For example, make sure that you have already passed your driving theory test online or the people who are going to travel with you have taken their driving theory test online so that in emergency someone else can take over the wheel.