Emergency services

43757_english_ambulance_1The emergency services carry out a vital role in society. They help to save thousands of lives every year in the UK alone.

History of emergency services

Emergency services have been in existence for many years now, but the way they work has changed significantly, thanks to advances in technology and the availability of new treatments and medical innovations. In the past, emergency practitioners relied heavily on their human capacity to save somebody. Now, paramedics and other emergency service personnel have a range of technological gadgets, machines and instruments to help them and this has increased their capacity to save lives immeasurably.

Emergency service vehicles are virtually unrecognisable from the very first models, which were little more than carts. Today, ambulances and emergency vehicles are kitted out with all the latest equipment and technology and they can deliver emergency care extremely quickly. There has also been a change in the ambulance fleet, as different types of vehicle, including motorbikes, push-bikes and rapid response cars are now used to attend to patients while they wait for an ambulance to arrive.

230593_hospital_13One of the most important developments has been the introduction of live saving equipment. Ambulance crews can now perform life-saving treatment in a variety of different locations when a patient is too ill to make the trip to hospital straight away. The introduction of the air ambulance has also made a big impression, as casualties can now be airlifted to hospital much quicker.

Innovations in emergency medicine

Over the course of the last one hundred years, there have been significant medical innovations and developments, which have changed the face of emergency medicine. The introduction of procedures such as coronary artery bypass surgery, the introduction of equipment such as defibrillators and the development of medication have all had a huge impact and helped to save thousands of lives. There is now a greater chance of somebody surviving an accident or illness than ever before.

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