Exotic and Organic Superfoods

food-2A healthy diet consists of all natural ingredients that are derived from organic fruit, vegetables and grains. Seafood and meat can also be healthy depending upon the origin of such food. However, there is “super” food that is extremely hard to find in local supermarkets. For example, marine plants contain a tremendous amount of nutrients that are beneficial. Seaweed is a popular edible plant that grows deep in ocean water. In fact, this item is now becoming a standard addition to healthy salads and meals in western diets.

Seaweed is rich in natural minerals that are dissolved in the ocean. For example, iodine and potassium can be found in high concentrations in seaweed that grows at the depths of multiple oceans. These aquatic plants also contain special nutrients that are rarely found in plants that grow on land. For example, there are multiple anti-oxidant ingredients within seaweeds that are typically consumed by various marine creatures. Fucoidan supplements are examples of all natural seaweed extracts that deliver health benefits for adults.

Dietary supplements that are extracted from exotic plants are available in multiple formats such as liquid, capsules and powder. People can take dietary supplements with meals and water at any time of the day. However, it is important to take the proper dosage of capsules or other forms in order to prevent adverse side effects. Herbs and marine plants can be very potent at high concentrations and care should be taken when consuming such products.

Foods and Drinks

Organic supplements can be used to provide natural healing to common problems with the gastrointestinal system. For example, the fiber in seaweed is very dense and thick. Such properties make seaweed very effective at flushing out the contents of the intestines and producing stable bowel movements. The fiber that’s found in aquatic plants is structurally different than the fiber in plants that thrive on land. For example, seaweed fiber is longer and more smooth in texture than the fiber of land based plants.

Research has also shown that aquatic plants may have sedative effects on the human body. Seaweed can be taken to relax and relieve stress that builds up on a daily basis. In fact, the aroma of seaweed can be strong enough to induce muscle relaxation and even euphoria. Ancient oriental medicine has relied heavily on herbal extracts and marine plants. For example, some Japanese islands have diets that are based on seaweed.