Four Ways To Give You More Confidence

healthy-8Wardrobe overhaul
We all have our favorite outfits but it can be easy to get into a rut and retreat to the same old sets of clothes week after week. So why not have an audit of your wardrobe, by yourself or with a friend – start by going through and setting aside for recycling any clothes you haven’t worn for a year. Then lay out the outfits you frequently wear such as your key favorite pieces. Think about what might be missing, how your favorites could be brightened up or accessorized and what you could do to try and be a bit more adventurous – even just trying a few different colors. It’s a great excuse to go shopping and when you start wearing your new clothes you’ll feel on top of the world.

Hair MOT

With so much going on in everybody’s life today many people stick to the same hairstyle for years on end. Why not give your hair a bit of pampering and a makeover – give it some nurturing treatment with special products either at home or at the salon and try a slightly different style. You might be surprised to find that your hair is not in as good condition as you thought and can really benefit from the application of some nourishing products. Changing the look of your hair can change your whole appearance for the better and give your mood a real boost. You don’t have to go for a radical new look, sometimes just a few tweaks can make you seem years younger.

Smile check

Many people live for years with gaps from missing teeth – they often just try and forget about it, or smile with their mouth closed to try and disguise it. This may be because most solutions are temporary and inconvenient, such as bridges. If this sounds like you, why not investigate dental implants? They are a secure permanent solution to missing teeth, which look and feel exactly like your natural teeth. The only maintenance and upkeep they need is brushing and flossing – just the same as your normal teeth. Nobody will be able to tell the difference – but you could feel a million dollars with a brand new smile!


New social circle

Old friends are great but they can sometimes be too honest and don’t always boost our self-esteem as well as they might! It might be time to broaden your social circle with some new friends and acquaintances who could re-invigorate your confidence. You can do this by taking up a new activity with classes to attend, or even a new sport. In addition to the new faces you’ll meet, a physical activity will boost your health too. Devoting time to something you’re really interested in and really enjoy is always good for your mental well being too.


Lauren Spencer recently visited a dental implant dentists to have work done on her smile. She suffered with low self-esteem but found the experience has given her a load more confidence. She just wishes she had done it sooner!