Health Advice For Students

Are you a new college or high school student looking to ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle while living away from your parents and the home you’ve known for all these years? There are many temptations that lots of students give into in their new found freedom, but following just a few tips will help you stay healthy and still enjoy being a student. Read below for some ideas.

Having a balanced diet is perhaps the best way to stay healthy and ensure that you stay well and do not get sick. While it is not necessary to cut out all foods that taste good in order to stay healthy, you must incorporate some healthy foods into your routine. If you are eating in a dining hall, there are lots of choices. To stay healthy, you must make the right ones. For example, make sure you eat at least a serving of fruits or vegetables with each meal. Even if you pair a vegetable with a hamburger, at least you are getting nutritious helpings at each meal. Try some fruit with your breakfast, a salad with lunch, and green beans, corn, broccoli or other vegetables at your evening meal. Also, try to eat smaller meals frequently throughout the day rather than 3 large meals at the traditional meal times. This will help your metabolism continue to work, making you healthy all around.

Foods and Drinks

Another key to staying healthy is to keep your body moving. It is very easy to incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. You can do this by walking to class, taking the stairs even if there is an elevator, or parking far away from stores or class so that you walk further. You can also sign up for a fun activity, such as an intramural sport or aerobics class. Exercise can be a social affair if you have an organized activity with other students. Exercise can also be something you do on your own. Find a routine that works for you and get moving!

Preventive Care
Another way to ensure that you live a healthy lifestyle is to ensure that you make and keep appointments for preventive care with a primary physician and dentist throughout the year. Seeing a primary physician at least once a year can help prevent the onset of certain diseases, or at least can catch some diseases early so that they do not put you out of the game for weeks at a time. Do not neglect your gums either. Visiting the dentist is a way to stay healthy and ensure that your teeth and gums remain in good condition.

As you can see, there are many choices you can make that will ensure that you live a healthy lifestyle as a student. Following these few tips can help make you the best you that you can be. By eating right, exercising, and seeing a physician regularly, you can almost guarantee that you will give your body the best chance of surviving your teenage years and move on to adulthood as healthy as you can be. Make your health a priority!

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