Health And Obesity Can Never Go Hand In Hand

weight-loss-7“Healthy obesity” is only a myth, say researchers. Even though sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol, are controlled, still overweight has healthy risks. Over 60,000 fat people have been found to have health hazards. Recent study suggests that ‘health’ and ‘obesity’ cannot be used in a single sentence anymore. People used to believe that fat people or the ones having obese can be healthy, but in actuality it sounds like a fairy tale.

According to the data revealed, an overweight body is not at harmless, even if it might not have metabolic abnormalities. The concept of benign obesity or healthy obesity is completely a false idea that people used to have all these days. Research has shown that even without common abnormalities like high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and metabolic abnormalities, obese and fat people have a greater propensity of stroke, heart attack and death.


Obesity has Many Risk Factors leading to Serious Diseases
The Associate Professor of medicine in University of Toronto, Dr. Ravi Retnakaran states, “This data is suggesting that both patients who are obese who are metabolically unhealthy and patients who are obese who are metabolically healthy are both at increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease, such that benign obesity may indeed be a myth.”

It has been said earlier that ‘healthy obese population’ has lesser risk of certain factors. However, this has become bad over time. That is why health and obesity cannot be used in the single sentence. Many researchers have welcomed this study and think that it is revealed at the right moment. Now, it is also not the case that gaining weight is always harmful. This is one of the reasons why people used to belief that obesity is healthy. This depends on calorie intake, amount of activity, hormones and genes.

Different ways are there for tackling obesity by dieting and exercises. If you follow a healthy lifestyle, you can dramatically lose weight. So, instead of thinking of weight only, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Have you seen the American actress, Maria Menounos? She has an excellent body. She claims that losing weight can be effectively done when you feel healthy. In this case, result will follow automatically than spending hours sweating without making a choice.

food-2Healthy Lifestyle can help in Losing Weight

When you feel better from within, you can stay healthier than when you take the strain of losing weight. Feel great and give lesser stress on the scales’ reading and you will definitely feel healthy. With the revelation of the research study, people have become more conscious about the health. British Heart Foundation has said that obesity imposes risk on heart diseases and researches have clearly revealed that there is no such level as ‘healthy obesity’.

Doireann Maddock, a senior cardiac nurse claims, “So, even if your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels are normal, being obese can still put your heart at risk.” She advises that it is better to think of changing your lifestyle rather than thinking of the risk factors.

So, if your weight has increased considerably and you want to keep it under control, start following some exercise and regime and proper diet.

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Summary: Obesity or overweight can never be healthy. Recent study has revealed that changing one’s lifestyle can result in better health.