Health Secretary Settles Fears Over NHS Cuts.

docAndrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, has spoke up against allegations that NHS will do poorly while he allows bosses of regional hospitals to trim down the numbers of beds.

Mr. Lansley also started the new phone number 111 for non-emergencies that’s being controlled by County Durham.

The Journal reported the RCN had cautioned that hundreds of beds and health workers will be let go in the area over the course of four years because of cutting-cost plans that aim to save millions of pounds. It was reported by the nurses’ union that about 369.6 million pounds will be slashed from the health budgets out of 800 million pounds in savings in Cumbria and in North East.

It is suspected that there will be 403 less beds and about 1700 less healthcare workers which could greatly affect the care of patients which could also result in their lives being at risk.

North East health bosses make a quote around 800 million pounds that will be needed by 2014 to reinvest into the frontline work.

Mr. Lansley has said that he doesn’t want the unhealthy to have to suffer from the debt problems that the Government has inherited. He also noted that the number of beds removed in NHS has risen in the past three years at a fast rate, but that their job isn’t to try and pinpoint the amount of beds in NHS but to pinpoint the patient results. Mr. Lansley says the goal is to focus on the outcomes and not the processes.

doctorMr. Lansley also said that, in regards to publishing White Paper, that it concerns patients being put first, and putting focus on helping the frontline for decisions, and putting focus on outcomes. He also added that counting beds is not counting results, only just the inputs; the key is to deliver the highest achievable results.

Information from all Foundation and Primary Care Trusts in the area were taken by the RCN, which details plans for money-saving exercises, poor reductions and job cuts.

Three hundred beds aim to be lost from the Darling Foundation Trust and County Durham while the Gateshead Foundation Trust and RCN is scaling back 103 beds. Darling and NHS will be taking a 200 million pound cut in the three years ahead, which will be the largest cost-slicing exercise in the area.

Mr. Lansley assures that money and resources cut each year will all be put back into patient treatment and care. He says that costs will be shifted from administrative to clinical posts. He wants to improve the urgent care services.

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