Helpful Tips For Maintaining Good Vision

Beautiful Girl - Close UpWe are totally dependent on our vision from getting dressed to caring for children to cooking meals. Thus eyesight is most important to all of us. Our lives would have been full of problems in the absence of our ability to see. This makes it essential to maintain good vision.

Some of the exercises that can be performed to prevent deterioration of eyesight are discussed below.

  1. Warm-ups

Begin with cupping the palms to cover the eyes. Imagine it is totally dark. On seeing only blackness, uncover the eyes and repeat this many times.

  1. Eye Movements

Eye rolling is a good exercise for eyes. Roll the eyes clockwise for one minute, change direction and roll it anti clockwise for a minute. This helps eyes in agility and strength. Next, move the eyes up and down eight times. Then move them side to side and repeat it eight more times. Your eyes should not be forced too far in any direction as it could worsen eyesight.exercise-1

  1. Focus Exercises

Select two objects. One of these should be 30 feet away and second 150 feet away. Concentrate on distant object for 15 seconds. Then focus on nearer object for 15 seconds. Focus back on distant object. Repeat process five times.

Another focus exercise could be to hold pencil in front at arm’s length away. Bring the pencil slowly to your nose and this should be followed with your eyes till it is not possible to focus any longer. Repeat the process ten times.

  1. Finish with Massage

Close your eyes and let eyelids relax and massage them in circular motion for one to two minutes. Now press three fingers of each hand lightly on your eyelids, hold these there for many seconds, release and repeat. Soak a towel in warm water and put it on closed eyelids.

Some guidelines for eye care are listed below.

  1. Eat healthy

Foods having Vitamin A should be included in daily meals to keep night blindness and drying of eyes away. Some minerals help in keeping eyes healthy. Zinc reduces risk of vision changes related to age. Antioxidants help in delaying the decline of vision that is age related.


  1. Prevent injuries to eyes

Activities which produce the airborne debris can be harmful to your eyes. You should be aware of your surroundings and wear protective glasses that would cover eyes from front and also the sides.

  1. Protect eyes from harmful UV rays

Regular exposure to the UV rays might result in cataracts. Sunglasses should be worn for reducing sunlight exposure and reducing likelihood of eyes aging prematurely. Use sunglasses which protect from UV A and B. You can get a good deal of sunglasses using Lenskart coupons.

  1. Prevent eye problems

Refrain from reading in very dim light and have regular breaks in between from your activities so that eye muscles get time to relax.

  1. Regular eye examinations

Ensure regular checkup of your eyes by eye doctor regularly. Take a look at for the latest deals and coupons for eyewear.

  1. Treatment of eye conditions essential

Eye disorders like cataract should be treated without delay as early treatment is more advantageous.