hospital (2)Some hospitals may look run down and dated, but inside, some of the most important and impressive state of the art technology and medical innovations can be found. Hospitals may not look like they have changed much over the years, but inside, huge changes have taken place and almost every room is filled with modern equipment and machinery, which help to save lives and deliver effective, safe treatment.

Hospital treatment

There are thousands of people in need of hospital treatment at any given moment in the UK. Each day patients receive a huge range of treatments at hospitals and clinics across the country. Over the course of time, the types of treatments and the way treatments are given has changed considerably. There are now hundreds of different types of medication, a huge number of different surgical procedures, different therapies and treatments that have been developed specifically to deal with certain conditions and diagnostic tests that are designed to give an accurate, quick diagnosis.

Doctors and nurses are also increasingly reliant on technology. Technology is used in every department for different purposes. Advances in technology have helped to save time and money, increase accuracy and efficiency and enabled doctors to carry out treatments that they would never have otherwise been able to do.



Hospital management

As well as changes to the treatments and services on offer in hospitals, the management of hospitals has also changed thanks to advances in technology. The introduction of computer technology has had an immeasurable impact on management. Now, computers are used in every department in every hospital. Computers have facilitated contact between different departments and hospitals and allowed nurses and doctors to access patient notes, tests and scan results very quickly, as well as saving a great deal of time and space. Patient records, for example, can now be kept in an online database, rather than as paper copies in filing cabinets.

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