Hospitalised after a Motorbike accident that wasn’t your fault?

230593_hospital_13As careful as people can be on the roads, there are always the ones who cause accidents that result in somebody else becoming the victim. Motorbike accidents are becoming more common in the recent years since the millennium and the main reason for this? Drivers just don’t see bikers.

The lapse in motorcycle safety these days is resulting in many fatalities and other incidents in which the victim suffers for something that wasn’t their fault. Unlike car accident claims, motorbike accidents claims are often not thought because ultimately, they are ten times more likely to end in death, usually of the motorbike rider.

In recent surveys and forums some of the top tips for riding a motorbike on the roads included wearing highly visible clothing and bike gear at all times, even in the day. One of the most popular results was ‘ride as though everybody is trying to kill you’, in other words, have your wits about you at all times. Take into account spacial awareness, and although a motorcycle is smaller and can bypass cars at traffic lights, down small gaps etc, you must remember that you are a moving vehicle so drive like you are the same size as a car.

motor-bikeTo say you can NEVER be too careful on a motorcycle is like saying you can never be too careful with a loaded gun.  It’s an understatement. To all the people and new riders that are thinking of purchasing a motorbike, make sure you go through every single aspect of motorcycle road safety. Unfortunately, on the roads, it’s not just yourself who’s responsible for your life, it’s other drivers, however you have to take into account that they’re not in your point of view.

Riding a motorcycle becomes a skill and if people abuse it themselves, or the rest of the driving public do not respect it more, the rise in motorcycle deaths and accidents will do anything but decrease.