How Electronic Cigarettes Are Getting Popular Among Teenagers?

smoking (2)Since past few years it has been observed rapid increase in the usage of electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes and more specifically among teenagers. These electric cigarettes are being marketed among youths that lead them at the risk of getting addicted to the nicotine. Some researches found that e-cigarettes are not as harmful as the original tobacco cigarettes, as e-cigarettes just burns out the e-liquid and that vapor is inhaled. This restricts harmful elements to be inhaled as the tobacco cigarette does.

It has been observed that almost one out of 10 American high school students use e-cigarettes excessively while including 3% of the middle school students too. This number is getting increased day-by-day as the simple and convenient usage of this battery-powered device is getting more and more popular as well as affordable. There are millions of children as well as teens who have at least tried once to use e-cigarettes and enjoyed its flavor. Numerous public health experts as well as physicians are worried due to this result as normally e-cigarettes contains addictive substance called nicotine as well as some amount of cancer causing compounds likesmoking (1). This all is resulting due to ignorance of warnings issued by Food and Drug Administration.

It is a true fact that the e-liquid or the cartridges of these cigarettes have an appealing and tempting flavor like chocolate or mint, but this is truly a sign of fear as the upcoming generation is inclining towards electronic cigarettes. The e-cigarettes have the potential to turn the youngster on to the regular cigarettes which is definitely not a good sign. According to the experience of many of the health experts they accept that many of the teens who initiated with the e-cigarettes are slowly inclined towards the addiction of nicotine which as a result fating with the life long addiction to the nicotine as well as traditional tobacco cigarettes. This clearly states that, the risk of addiction for nicotine as wells as the initiation of the use of conventional cigarettes as well as other products among teenagers is more specifically the most serious concern.

Most of the deaths are caused due to cigarette smoking for which the tobacco is greatly responsible for. So for this Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is planning to bring the use of electronic cigarettes under its jurisdiction even smoking (3)if it is not regulated by this agency. The well qualified advocates of US have directly held responsible to the manufactures of electronic cigarettes that they are marketing their products directly to attract kids as well as teenagers. They advertise their product the same way as they advertise for bubble gum as well as candy which more preferably attract kids as well as teenagers at greater extent. Although, the e-cigarette manufacturer denies this fact and insists that they are not being marketing the devices to the minors as well. The manufacturers blame the retailers for this matter. They claim that it is the responsibility of the retailers to check the age of the buyers and make sure that the buyers are of the legal age.

Thus, it has now become necessary to take strong step against the usage of electronic cigarettes and that too especially for teenagers. They need to be made aware of the various health risk factors that could be caused du to addiction of smoking through e-cigarettes.