How liquid egg whites can boost your muscle growth

weight-loss-3For years, nutritionists, scientists and the media have debated the role of eggs and whether or not they are healthy for us. The argument against eggs has always centred around their cholesterol content, although increasingly, the nutrition industry believes that this isn’t potentially detrimental to health; particularly when the nutritional value of eggs is weighed up against cholesterol intake (remembering of course that cholesterol is an integral part of our body’s function, and our systems do in fact produce it when stores are low. It is not something to entirely avoid, and diets which are low in sugar and ‘junk’ carbohydrates seem to be far less affected by any potential cholesterol negatives.) However, by taking egg whites, we remove the cholesterol factor altogether.

Packed with protein

Let’s look at the advantages of eggs, and egg whites in particular. These highly natural foods are packed with protein, which is essential for muscle repair, maintenance and re-growth. For an insight into the essential role of protein on physical performance, repair and appearance – check out a typical Olympian’s diet.

A single egg will offer around 7g of protein, of which 47pc resides in the yolk. There is also no fat in the yolk, so by removing the yolk, you simply eat the protein. Egg whites are also very low in calories – at just 15 calories per egg, once the yolk (at 60 calories) is removed. Other nutritional benefits include thiamine, folate, phosphorous, zinc, B6, calcium, B12 and panthonenic acid. The full vitamin spectrum of A, E, D and vitamin D is also included, along with minerals such as selenium, and amino acids.

How egg whites remove the cholesterol risk

A healthy adult typically needs around 300mg of cholesterol daily. A single egg will contain around 210mg, but it is contained entirely in the yolk. By removing the yolk and simply eating the egg white, you lower your cholesterol intake, which has been associated with hypertension and stroke (albeit in diets also high in carbohydrate.)

gym-2The impact upon muscles

Every time we train we break down our muscles. They grow stronger – and more defined (especially if we are training for hypertrophy gains) through this process – which relies on high quality protein before and immediately after training to re-build the muscle fibres. Egg whites are such a complete food that the body can absorb them quickly and make complete proteins. This allows the body to begin using them almost instantly – providing an amino acid profile that the body is unable to produce itself. Egg whites are also known to complement other protein sources with incomplete amino acid profiles, providing those missing elements and allowing the body to use them. You can buy a great range of easy to use egg white products online. Find out more here:

Other benefits

By getting an adequate protein intake, our body’s immune system will also function more effectively, allowing us to fight off diseases and recover faster. Protein also helps with injury recovery, by providing vital nutrition when needs are raised and increasing immunity to fight infection. Enjoy them as part of a balanced training plan and overall strong nutrition programme, and feel the benefits!