How To Enjoy A Hot Tub While Pregnant

PregnancyThough getting into a hot tub while pregnant may seem a little daunting, hot tubs form the perfect way of easing muscle aches and pains that are related to pregnancy.

It is important, however to remember a few simple rules while in a hot tub when you are pregnant:

Only get in a hot tub if there are people around you
For those that are heavily pregnant, getting in and out of a hot tub can be difficult, so ensure that you are not alone when getting entering or leaving a tub. Also, take special precaution to ensure that the floor around the tub is not slippery or wet.

Mind your body temperature
Although the warmth of a luxurious hot tub is great when you’re not pregnant, it is important not to let your body temperature rise above 38ºC when pregnant.

In fact, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG) state that entering a highly heated hot tub is not recommended in any way during pregnancy. As many hot tubs heat water to around 35-40 ºC, it is important that a pregnant person does not stay in a hot tub for any longer than twenty minutes. If you want to be sure, stay in for a maximum of ten minutes.

hot-tubMonitor the pH level of the hot tub
For any hot tub, maintaining its pH level is crucial for its health and general operation. This is of even greater importance if an individual using it is pregnant.

Ideally, the pH level of a hot tub should be between 7.3 and 7.5. Anything below 7.2 will cause skin and eye irritation and anything above 7.6 will reduce the effectiveness of chlorine and will dry a person’s skin.

Watch out if you start sweating
If you overheat, more blood flows to your skin, causing you to sweat. The important thing to realise here however, is that this means less blood will be flowing to your internal organs – including your brain.

The end result is that you may start to feel faint.

If this happens, it is important to get out of the hot tub as soon as possible, as hormonal changes in your body can actually make you feel faint more often if you are pregnant.

Remember also not to stand up quickly if you are feeling faint.

Although some people exercise and perform stretch routines in hot tubs, it is important that you do not do this if you are pregnant. This is for the same reason as it is advisable that you do not exercise in hot or humid conditions.

If you plan to exercise at all while you are pregnant, remember to drink lots of fluids before during and after your work out.