Keep Gum Problems at Bay- Practice Regular Gum Hygiene

brushingGingivitis is the inflammation of gums. This inflammation of the gums can occur due to any irritation to the gum structures from accumulated food,tartar, plaque, bacterial growth, etc. While we take lot of care to see that our teeth are in good shape, we tend to neglect the areas of the gums.

Gingivitis can be avoided and kept at bay if a few tips to maintain the gums are in place on a day to day basis. First and foremost, keeping the teeth clean of plaque, tartar and accumulated food is important. Any such accumulation can cause irritation to the bordering gum area and cause inflammation of the gums. So, brushing either with an ordinary toothbrush or an electric toothbrush to keep the teeth free of accumulated matter goes a long way in keeping gums healthy.

But, there is more to maintaining the gums free of any problems. So, in addition to brushing the teeth, flossing in between the teeth to remove any accumulated food and prevent formation of tartar and other deposits on the teeth is important.

brushing-2Another step to maintaining the hygiene of the gums is to use a gum stimulator to knead the gums. This will help in improving the blood circulation to the gums and prevent inflammation of the gums. Alternatively, you can even use your fingers in a gentle rotary motion to achieve the same results. This is a simple and quick procedure which will help gums devoid of inflammation and other problems.

Even though many a toothpaste has ingredients in it to help control the levels of harmful bacteria that can cause irritation to the gums and cause gum problems, it may not be sufficient to effectively control
all the bacterial growth and multiplication. Use of an antibacterial mouthwash will help control the bacteria and thus reduce gum problems.

Oral hygiene is not restricted to just keeping the teeth healthy and clean. It also involves effective gum hygiene as foundation to your teeth is just as important as your teeth.


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