Lack Of First Aid Skills: A Major Cause For Concern

Resustitation demonstrationA new advert from St John ambulance has prompted discussions throughout the UK that there are not enough people who have even the most basic first aid skills. It is thought that up to 150,000 deaths every single year could have been prevented had someone in the vicinity at the time had these vital life saving skills.

No one could fail to be moved by the advert which depicted a man who battled and survived cancer, only to choke to death at a barbecue because no one around him knew what to do. Their research suggests that almost a quarter of people (24%) wouldn’t feel confident enough to try to save a life and would do nothing until an ambulance arrived or hope that a passer by knew first aid. In a case where direct intervention was needed (such as choking), it may already be too late by the time the ambulance got there. Wouldn’t you prefer to be that passer by who could help than the panicked person who did nothing?

There is a lot of information out there, both online and in the media, but if you want to actually get qualified, you will need to go on a practical course. Courses can be as short as a day, but in that time you could learn the basics that could really make a difference when it mattered. St Johns Ambulance to run their own courses, but there is of course a small charge for this. An option that you might want to consider is approaching your employer and asking if they would be prepared to sponsor you on one of the many quality first aid at work courses that are available nationally. In return they may expect you to be the first point of contact should there be some kind of accident within your workplace, but if you had the skills, then wouldn’t you want to help out anyway?

You can get more information about the current St John campaign, along with a free pocket sized guide to basic first aid by visiting their website. You really can be the difference between someone living or dying.