Lead a better life for better oral health

brushing-2According to a research report published by ASH (a public health charity in UK) smoking tobacco like cigarettes, cigars and pipes is the major risk for oral cancer. It has been found that tobacco smoking and tobacco chewing (like snuff, gutkha) accounts for more than 90% of oral cancers. In UK, in the year 2008, there were total 4,08,381 cases of different types of cancers and 5790 cases among them were that of oral cancer including both men and women. 1822 people died out of 5790 suffering from oral cancers. There is also a possibility of having negative impact on a person’s appearance by the use of tobacco products. Stains’ appearing on teethes and discoloring of them could be seen as common among tobacco smokers and chewers.  One is also prone to the disease of halitosis if he/she is smoking or chewing tobacco since long. So it’s clear that oral health is being affected by the use of tobacco products.

Nicotine is the major constituent inhaled into lungs while smoking of tobacco products like cigarettes and nicotine is addictive. Also being carcinogenic, tobacco products like cigarettes contain harmful chemicals that can damage the DNA in cells of human body, the reason for various types of cancers. It’s the addiction that doesn’t let people to quit smoking and nicotine present in cigarettes is the major cause for addiction. That is the also the reason that electronic cigarettes are getting popular as they fulfill the need for nicotine but does not harm with toxins and carcinogens as in regular cigarettes. When it looks hard for you to quit smoking, electronic cigarettes could be the best option. So start making use of them as soon as possible to avoid the risk for oral cancer. A good starter kit can easily be bought online on stores like Sparks E-cigarettes. You could also make use of nicotine replacement products like nicotine patches, gum, lozenge, mouth spray and inhalator to quit smoking completely. But there is no any guarantee that they will work for you. But these products have been approved (as a nicotine replacement therapy) and regulated by UK health authorities while electronic cigarettes still not.
smoking (2)Another way to lead a better life for better oral health could be to practice meditation and cleanse the seven chakras in the body. According to Sahaja Yoga (a non-profit organization www.sahajayoga.org) there are seven chakras and a kundalini power located inside every human being. The major cause for various diseases related to mouth, nose, ear, eyes, and gums and teethes is the fault in the Vishuddhi Chakra (the 5th chakra in the body). If this chakra can be cleansed than it’s easy to get rid of any disease or problem you have related to oral health. Cleansing of the Vishuddhi Chakra is not possible unless the kundalini power gets awakened. Awakening of kundalini power (also called self-realization) inside your body can even be done online by following instructions on Sahaja Yoga Website. You can feel the cool breeze flowing from palm of hands and top corner of the head once this power gets awakened and this the major sign of its awakening.

Once you become self-realized (kundalini awakened) its time to take on with regular meditation. Follow instructions at rajeshbihani.com (www.rajeshbihani.com/raj/2/) where its mentioned in more detail how to meditate after getting your self realization through Sahaja Yoga. During meditation kundalini power will rise and will cleanse the seven chakras in the body. Vishudhi Chakra is no exception and it will also be cleansed once kundalini reach there and that will help to get rid of all problems related to oral health. There are also mentioned in Sahaja Yoga special treatments to clear the Vishuddhi Chakra. It’s better to visit the nearby Sahaja Yoga Centre to learn more about clearing the catches in the Vishuddhi Chakra. Sahaja Yoga is practiced in more than 86 countries and it’s quite possible that you would find the centers of Sahaja Yoga in all major cities of the world. This is entirely free of charge and won’t cost you anything. Many people in fact have given up smoking and alcohol overnight once their kundalini got awakened.