Let’s Get Physical

skin peelThe stigma attached to the need of physio is sometimes associated with big injuries in the world of sporting and active events. However, physio can be needed for the smallest of injuries, and sometimes without people even noticing, or thinking it’s unnecessary. But don’t delay, if you need care due and attention to an injury you have suffered, then here are some basic physio therapy treatments that you should take a look into.

Sports Injuries- Finding it frustrating not being able to play sport? Get yourself to a physiotherapist who can help you with muscle strengthening, tone work and posture techniques.

Acupuncture– Traditionally and ancient Chinese method, you can really help relieve the tensions from injuries or spasms with a weekly/monthly does of acupuncture. Administered by a professional, acupuncture is a relaxing as well as beneficial experience.

Electrotherapy. Boost your muscle performance and get strength back into your joints. with short electro-therapeutic shocks applied to tension parts of your body, you can begin to return to normality and function again after only a few short sessions.

Sports Massage– No candles, no aromatherapy, just light finger work. This massage can relieve tensions, relieve stress and get you back fit and healthy in no time, with only the simple yet effective technique of a physiotherapist.

Working in central London, it can seem hard to find time to get to a physio, and at the weekends, you want to spend your time relaxing. Why not pop out in your lunch hour to somewhere like Technique Physio and get the job done within the hour.