Look And Feel Great This Summer

sun-careSummer is right here and the temperature is already soaring high! But don’t let the heat dampen your energy and spirit. With a few beauty tips and fashion essentials, you can enjoy the summer whilst looking and feeling gorgeous.

Protect your skin by wearing sunblock

Guarding your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun is extremely necessary, not only in summers but all year round. Sun damage can lead to cancers, wrinkles, moles, blemishes and sagging skin. Use a sun block that protects you from UV-A and UV-B rays with SPF more than 15.

Repair sun damage

Veggies like broccolis and tomatoes are known to promote health. But did you know that these vegetables can repair cells and aid in counteracting the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin? Include a proportionate amount of these veggies in your diet to stay fresh and sun safe.

Go for beauty treatments

Pamper your skin at the spa or beauty salon. If you want to remove your deep wrinkles or fine lines, a Botox treatment can be the effective treatment you need. With little risks involved, it is the fastest way for skin renewal that gives you a youthful appearance.

girl looking into her handProtect your eyes

This summer splurge on a pair of stylish sunglasses for protection against the glaring sun as well as looking chic and fashionable. Use sunglasses with labels saying “100% protection from UV” or “UV400”.

Unleash your vibrant and stylish self

Fashionable tops teamed with trousers or short skirts are perfect for that trendy look. You can also wear dresses made of cotton or other light fabric.  Accessorise with a matching hat or scarf to enhance your looks as well protect your face and eyes from the sun.

Increase your intake of water and fluids

Staying hydrated is essential for healthy body and skin – dehydration is a major cause for crinkled skin and you’ll feel tired and sluggish if you’re dehydrated.  Drink plenty of water and other liquids including fresh fruit and vegetable juice. However, avoid alcohol and carbonated drinks, as they tend to dehydrate you further.  Tip! Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go and drink a sip or two at regular intervals. Coconut water is a natural refreshing drink, loaded with vitamins and minerals and is highly beneficial for hair and skin.

Eat your veggies

Consume lots of vegetables including green, leafy and colourful ones – they are your secret armour for glowing and beautiful skin, better digestion and improved stamina. They are not only nutritious but also amazing sources of energy. While filling you up the natural way, they also rehydrate and cleanse your system.

Follow these rules and enjoy the summer looking and feeling great!