Massage Therapy Spa Service – The Benefits of the Treatment


Massage treatments are very popular spa services offered by wellness and health establishments or spa centers. However, many of these treatments are priced very high that a lot of average individuals couldn’t afford to obtain. Fortunately there are Storm Spa massage treatments that are offered at affordable prices, so people can enjoy their benefits.

If you want to find a good deal on your spa services find a package that includes, massage and luxury services. With this you can pay less for the same quality service. Whether you want a full body massage or any other type of treatment, there are plenty of selections to choose from. Here are some of the common types of massage available in spa centers.

Types of Massage Treatment

  • Thai Massage – This type of massage is comparable to yoga but in this method a therapist is stretching, moving and pushing your body into a series of postures. Thai massage includes muscle compression, acupressure and mobilization of joints. It effectively improves flexibility, reduces stress, helps develop a balance in the body’s energy system and provides relief for joint and muscle tension.


  • Swedish Massage – This is usually recommended for beginners. Swedish massage is the most popular among the other massage types. It uses long, soft kneading strokes and rhythmic, light tapping hand movements. Professional therapists use four fundamental strokes in a Swedish massage such as effleurage, petrissage, friction and tapotent. Effleurage is use to relax the muscles’ soft tissues. Petrissage is the squeezing and kneading movement that follows after effleurage. Friction is the circular movement that helps break down scar tissues and increases blood flow. Tapotement is the short alternating tap with the fingers and the capped or edge of the hands.
  • Shiatsu Massage – This massage is a style of body work that primarily targets the acupuncture meridians of the body. This is quite similar to the Chinese acupuncture but the therapist uses fingers instead of needles in restoring and invigorating the healthy flow of the energy in the body.
  • Hot Stone Massage – This is when the massage therapist use a hot stone which will act as acupressure points. These stones are also used for other massage techniques during a therapy. They are among the effective tools that soothe and relax the body as the heat penetrates deep within the muscle tissues.

Benefits of Professional Massage

The best place to get a professional massage is through a health and wellness center or spa. A professional massage therapy will help improve your overall health. The benefits that you can obtain are beyond what it can offer. This is not just about pampering yourself but also prolonging your life and living in an active lifestyle where pains and aches will not become your burdens. Massage improves the blood circulation and act as a catalyst to remove toxins and allow nutrients to flow into the bloodstream.


Whichever type of massage therapy you will use, you will obtain many benefits from these methods. Massage is the best option to manage stress and keep your energy flowing for the rest of the day.

Author Bio: Lucy is a beauty consultant. She created a website for people to express their feelings about the services of a beauty and health spa they have been to. Most of them have experienced Strom spa massage treatments and been happy with the results.