Medical Negligence


We turn to doctors and health care providers to resolve health issues that we may have. In most cases proper care is received and we are able to return back to our normal lives. However, on some rare occasions things can go the opposite way.

You should be able to expect competent medical care from your doctor. They are supposed to resolve health issues and not create others. Sometimes medical negligence can be the result of improper training or carelessness on the part of your doctor. Either way, it leaves you with more questions than answers.

If you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance, you should immediately seek out the advice of a medical solicitor. They are well-versed in the law and medical procedures. Trying to make a case on your own will only lead to more delays and unfavourable rulings for you. Take time to find a medical solicitor that will help you get the satisfaction you deserve.

No matter how severely you are effected physically by medical negligence the impact is always major psychologically. The impact is also financial because you may need to take rest for some days in case of a minor injury and it can be years in case of major trauma. There are times that you are victim of an accident which you are not responsible of and in all those cases it is your right to claim compensation and that is when you need a no win no fee firm to come for help.

No win no fee is a concept where you will not have to pay any fee to the lawyer if he is not able to win the case. This is more convenient than any other option because you don’t have the risk of defeat. It is also good because the solicitor will not insist you to go for a claim which is practically not possible.

claimsHow much compensation will I get?

The nature of injuries suffered by an individual is another factor that must always be put into consideration. Soft tissue injuries are never considered to be very serious and may not attract large amounts of compensation. Injuries like breaking ones bones are always classified as more serious and are likely to earn more in compensation. Suffering a serious injury because of one’s own fault may however not earn them more. The number of one’s dependants will also be considered by the judge in determining how much they should be compensated. Those with high numbers of dependants are likely to be paid more.