Medical Tourism In USA

nurse-3Medical Tourism is a term used when people travel abroad for treatment of their ailments. The patients may go through the formalities with the help of a travel agency or directly contact the respective hospitals through their websites or local medical representative. The entire process of medical tourism involves advice on treatment, expenses finalization, group of hospitals recommendation, and selection of host country along with the period of treatment. After all the discussion is done, the patient needs to send recommendation letters from doctors or medical consultants to the destination country’s embassy for medical visa.

USA has always been a favorite for medical procedures for patients all over the world. High quality healthcare availability, transparency in pricing techniques, readily accessible information to patients is major factor for medical tourism popularity in the US. There are various agencies in USA where patients are connected to trusted medical professionals and also take care of the financial aspects, insurance agencies, visas, lodging and boarding.
Although surgeries in USA can be a tardy expensive affair, proper network of accredited hospitals and institutes can bring down the cost to a fraction of the cost otherwise involved. The patients can also take advantage of sightseeing as a bonus since USA offers scenic landscapes, entertainment parks and historic sites.

USA has some of the world’s best known doctors, surgeons and medical infrastructure. Doctors in the USA are registered to the AMA (American Medical Association) where the standards are exceptionally high. The culture and language is well known for most individuals, ready transport through sea and air, and availability of cutting edge research and technology which is not available elsewhere for less-known complex, life endangering medical conditions, cardiovascular surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, oncology, and neurology makes patients consider this country for its treatments.

nurse-2Many medical institutions in the USA provide centers dedicated to international patients and co-ordinate with various agencies to provide world -class, seamless service to the patients hence reducing their hassles of getting treatment in a foreign land.

ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is a permit under the VWP (Visa Waiver Program) where a Non- US citizen can travel to US without a Visa or Green Card or any such government permission. Typically for the thirty-seven countries listed in the VWP with the USA, the nationals can travel for medical reasons to the USA for a period of ninety days or less.

ESTA US Visa is a web-based system available in several language options where the applicant information is checked and verified with a land border fee which is charged and can be paid by credit card.

Medical tourism has proved to be a blessing for all the patients where local geographies do not offer sophisticated, well planned medical solutions. It is a cost effective option and it also saves time since waiting time is nil as all the procedure is planned in advance. By the end of year 2012, medical tourism was a USD 2.2 billion industry and is estimated to grow further with USA as its pioneer in the healthcare service industry.