No Animals Were Harmed In The Making Of These Lashes…

eye-spa“Mink lashes give you Bambi lashes.” Heidi Klum, Super Model.

Unlike the film, no animals are harmed in the manufacture of mink eyelashes. The newest craze sweeping the world of celebrity is real mink eyelash extensions- but there is no need to worry all you animal lovers, I have done my research and the animals are not hurt at all. Mink are known for their sumptuous, soft and silky pelts which are often used to make real fur coats, which of course mean that the mink are killed. Whilst mink eyelash extensions are made of mink hair, you will all be glad to know that the animals are not harmed at all in the manufacture of these lashes.

Mink eyelash extensions are made from individual strands of mink fur that are obtained by brushing the farmed mink whilst they are alive, and the hairs are harvested. Mink lose hair in the same way that we do when we brush, the mink hairs are then collected by hand and cleaned, before being used to make fabulous eyelash extensions.


Everyone from Beyonce to Madonna, via Kim Kardashian have been seen sporting these lovely looking lashes that have become so popular because they give a really natural looking result that is glossy and rich. They are softer than traditionally manufactured lashes and more lightweight too, so they not only look natural, but when you’re wearing them you don’t even know it!

Currently in the UK you can get the lashes attached at a lot of leading saloons, or buy mink eyelash extensions online and attach them yourself (or get someone else to do it for you!) You need to have a steady hand if you’re going to attempt it yourself, but i’m sure that you already know all this! As with other kinds of lashes on the market, you probably won’t have to wear mascara when you have them on, but if you want to, it is fine to do so, but you shouldn’t use an oil based make up remover as this can damage the adhesive. Basically the lash aftercare is the same as for other kinds of lashes.

They do cost slightly more than ordinary lashes, but last for 2-3 months with proper care, and the results of application are far superior. Try them once and you’ll most likely be hooked!