Pharmacies and pharmaceutical services

medicationMost people are familiar with pharmacies and know that they dispense medication, but the majority are probably unaware of the range of services available at pharmacies. In addition to dispensing prescription and pharmacy medication pharmacies also stock a large range of over the counter medications (known as general list medicines). Pharmacies stock both generic and brand name products, which are supplied by pharmaceutical industries.

Pharmacists are trained experts in medication and they can offer advice to patients about taking prescription medication, as well as offering advice for patients who have symptoms or minor ailments and want to buy medicine to ease these symptoms. In many cases, where a patient has a minor illness or injury, a trip to the pharmacy saves visiting the GP, which reduces pressure on GPs and enables patients to get medicinestreatment without worrying about getting to the surgery or being unable to get an appointment. In many cases a pharmacist will be able to recommend a treatment based on asking a few questions, determining the symptoms or having a look at the symptoms, in the case of a rash or bite for example.

Pharmacies also offer services which promote public health, including stop smoking services, healthy eating, contraception and family planning advice. Other services including emergency contraception, pregnancy tests and needle and syringe exchange are also available.

Finding a pharmacy

If you want to find a pharmacy in your local area you can use the NHS Choices website; simply put in your postcode and a list of pharmacies in your local area will be displayed. You can also use this website to find contact details and opening hours. If you are looking for an out of hours pharmacy you can use the NHS Choices website or look for details for out of hours pharmacies in local newspapers. Some services are not available at all pharmacies so if you are looking for a specific service visit the NHS website and this will tell you where you can go to get that service.

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