Procurement Of Nootropic Chemicals For Organizations And Individuals

tabletsThe word “nootropics” was coined by Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea of Romania, by combining two Greek words “nous” and “trepin”, which means ‘mind’ and ‘to bend or turn’. They are a class of brain-enhancing drug with very few side-effects. They work by altering the supply of neuro-chemicals in the brain. Some of the prominent and popular nootropics are Piracetam and its derivatives such as Aniracetam, Pramiracetam and Oxiracetam; Nefiracetam, Centrophenoxine, Ampakines, Levetiracitam etc. Some of the nootropics may not have been evaluated for human use in certain countries, whereas some are available as prescription drugs and formulation in some countries. The nootropics supply is made available through pharmaceuticals channels of distribution in the form of generic medicine or in several combinations as proprietary medicine.

Action of nootropics drugs and its widespread usage

testNootropics work as cognitive enhancers by enhancing control of attention and memory in the brain. They are neuro-protective and very safe. They improve the oxygen supply to the brain and stimulate nerve growth.

These drugs were initially used to combat the effects of mental disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and ADHD which affect cognitive abilities or motor functions.

However, of late there has been widespread use especially in academic circles, due to the easy availability and popularity caused by internet. Students and users have reported that they are better than stimulants and give them a competitive mental edge, enhanced memory, concentration, intelligence and motivation. However, no studies have been conducted to document such claims. Despite this, the usage has seeped into industries like software and IT, which thrive on innovation, accomplishment of targets and results; where professionals are using it clandestinely or with psychiatric consultation to increase their productivity and reduce work-induced stress.

The widespread use of nootropics as supplements, which can be procured as Over-the-Counter (OTC) medicines, not requiring any medical prescription, is on the rise. These are combined with Vitamins of B group and other non-nootropic cognitive enhancers. In countries like India, they are classed with the system of ‘Ayruveda’, and include components derived from herbal extracts of plants such as turmeric, passion-flower, green tea etc.

In fact, with the societal changes and the increasing growth of population segment engaged in occupation which demand more mental acuity and acumen, the ‘mind-workers’; people who use their mind or brain for a living, as opposed to those who use their physical abilities or special talents; is on the rise.

The growing incidence as cited above, has given prominence to the term “cosmetic  neurology” for drugs which are used by healthy adults as ‘smart drug’ and they feel  they’re actually doing something good for their mind by taking these ‘neuro-supplements’.

Presentation and supply

brainThese nootropic chemicals are available to the consumers and patients at the neighbourhood dispensing chemist and druggists. They are available mostly as proprietary drug formulations by well known pharmaceuticals company. Some of the trade names are Draganon, Sarpul, Neuractiv, Hydroxypiracetam, Neurontin, Lucidril, CI-879 etc.

For manufacturers, who need them in bulk for preparation of formulations; can get it in generic form from speciality chemical companies.  There are also companies who specialize in supplying these, to organizations and individuals. Reliable and trustworthy nootropics supply can be ensured through access to those manufacturers who have synthesizing and testing facilities and adhere to the universal practice of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). They can offer standardized pharmaceutical grade nootropics with more than 99% purity.

In the US, certain nootropics like racetams and ampakines, are not approved for human consumption and the FDA, and therefore are sold as research chemicals. Its sale as chemical and intermediary is not banned. Moreover, many companies still market it as supplements on various websites and are in disputes with the FDA. For the buyers, it is legal to order and possess any amount of racetams, if ordered within US, and in case of import, up to a supply of three months.

In other countries like UK, Canada, India, Australia etc.; several nootropics like racetams are considered to be prescription drugs, however, due to certain legal constraints they are not manufactured, but import is allowed up to three months supply. In countries like India, with liberal regulations, they are widely used in formulations, especially as Ayurvedic formulations and nutrition supplements.