Pure Reiki Healing Master Course Review –Find Life Giving Energy In Your Hands!

1255004_body_massagePure Reiki Healing Master Course by Owen Coleman was given to me by my uncle when I was recovering from a bike accident. I had sprained my ankle badly in the mishap and was recuperating at home for weeks. When my uncle came to visit me, he noticed the swelling and offered to give me Reiki. I heard he was a second degree Usui Reiki practitioner from Mom but I was not sure on what it meant however I gave him my permission for the treatment. I saw him invoke the Universal Life Force via prayer after which he placed both hands on my ankle. I felt a tingling sensation in the form of heat and gradually fell asleep. I do not know how long he treated me for however when I awoke I saw the swelling had gone completely.

My uncle gave me the Pure Reiki Healing Master Course to review and know more on Reiki. I discovered this healing energy not only worked for the body but it also healed the mind. I started practicing Reiki on myself and saw a transformation both mentally and physically. I was always reckless and loved racing against time. With regular Reiki self healing treatments I slowed down. Mental clarity also improved. I became focused on my studies much to the delight of my parents. I religiously practiced Reiki and experienced inner peace and personal growth.

I graduated to the second degree level and started to heal others. I am amazed with the absent and long distance healing results. Positive phone calls are encouraging. The sense of healing others gives me bliss and a unique feeling of satisfaction that perhaps no material thing can buy.

Today, I owe my new life to Pure Reiki Healing Master Course by Owen Coleman.  My after use review is that I try to recommend the product to all I know. Reiki is one of the best gifts of nature that we all can harness in us. We need to be attuned to it. With Reiki you are able to get an insight into yourself. Your inner peace manifests in the outer world and each day becomes better than the day before!

massage-1Reiki healing helps everyone however you should not be carried away by all the claims listed in the product. They are still subject to verification and moreover Reiki as a healing technique for the mind and body has no medical recognition at all. This means you should substitute Reiki for any medications prescribed to you. There is lack of evidence on whether this Universal Life Force actually works on all ailments and diseases. You should be prudent to exercise caution before believing in all the claims listed by this Course.

As for me, I am lucky to know about Reiki today. My life has improved and I do not resort to rash actions anymore. Reiki works for the highest good of all. It is silent, warm and loving. The gift of Reiki enhances mental and spiritual growth. It brings deep peace and bliss. This is why it is a part of my life today and will continue to be so till the day I die!

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