Reglazing glasses – how to do it cheaply

glassMany people who wear glasses are still confused about the term reglazing glasses but the process itself is very straightforward.
This is where the lens is removed from a pair of glasses for a variety of reasons; either the prescription needs replacing or the lenses are scratched or damaged in some way.

It’s important to use an expert for this process so that the frame itself is not damaged and the lens is correctly reinserted.

The biggest and most obvious benefit for opting to reglaze rather than buying a new pair is that it’s much cheaper for expert reglazing glasses to be carried out, even prescription ones.

The savings can be huge – depending on which outlet is chosen, a saving of around 80% can be made reglazing glasses when compared to buying a new pair.


So why get glasses of re-glazed?

By opting to reglaze their glasses, the owner has the opportunity of keeping their favourite frames and simply replacing the lenses to ensure that the glasses that they love, and which suit their face, can carry on being used for a year or two more.

It should be remembered too that the frames will not need adjusting since they are not altered in any way. Be reassured that the experts will take a number of critical measurements, such as ‘pupillary distance’ to ensure that the reglazed lenses match exactly.

There are lots of outlets willing to carry out reglazing glasses but the best ones which offer a cheaper and prompt service can be found online.

A simple search using a search engine – perhaps the best search term to use is ‘reglazing glasses’ – will throw up a wide number of potential firms to use but among the best rated is a firm called

Best reglazing glasses firm online

These internet-based firms use a simple and straightforward process where a form can be filled in online, or printed off and posted separately, which will give the details of everything the experts at the reglazing facility need to know.

Then all that needs to happen is for the glasses to be safely packed and sent along with the prescription if necessary and, hey presto, within a few days the glasses with new lenses will arrive in the post.

There are people who don’t believe this process is quite so pain-free and so cheap but that’s the way it is.

Indeed, by using an experienced firm like iwearglasses for reglazing glasses, the turnaround for the work done is impressive – most glasses are dispatched within 24 to 48 hours.

It also means that the glasses wearer isn’t without their favourite pair of glasses for too long!

glassesUK-based reglazing glasses experts

The firm is also proud to state that its optical lab is based in the UK and that they use the latest high-tech equipment; this is all the more impressive considering that their prices to reglaze glasses start from just £9.99.

So when it comes to finding a reputable company for ‘reglazing glasses’ then iwearglasses is the ideal outlet for doing so. Obviously, you could spend time searching for other providers but you will be hard-pressed to find anyone matching that price with a top quality service.

The bottom line when it comes to reglazing glasses is that the process not only saves time and money from having the chore of trying on and selecting a new pair but that it’s also a convenient and rewarding experience.

Join the growing numbers of glasses wearers who have found that when it comes to asking how to ‘reglaze my glasses’ the best route is to head online and save ££££’s and keep the frames you love.