Spot On: The Top 3 Acne Treatment Options

cosmetic-3It’s one of the most deflating conditions out there yet unfortunately, nobody has ever found a definite cure for acne. While the supermarket face wipes might work wonders for one person, someone else might have to go to much greater lengths to rid themselves of the problem.

As you’ve probably gathered, this post is going to concentrate on the former category. Over the last decade the acne treatment industry has exploded and consumers can be bamboozled with the amount of choices that are available. We’ll now take a look at some of the top treatments that are currently donning the market, and hopefully rid your skin problems once and for all.

Chemical Peels

Over the last couple of years more and more establishments have started to provide a chemical peel procedure – and it isn’t just reserved for acne sufferers. The science behind a chemical skin peel can be somewhat scary, with the top layer of skin being effectively peeled in a bid to remove the dead cells.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t a “quick fix” treatment and anyone who does experience it will probably be advised to take a couple of days off work as their skin recovers. However, it’s hugely effective, and very simple to apply as well with the skin gradually exfoliating following the chemical application. Click here for more information on how peels work.


Something else that has made massive headway in this industry over the last few years is the use of lasers. One could write a whole dissertation on the different types of lasers that can be used, but in essence they all work relatively similarly. The science revolves around the lasers killing off the P.acnes, which are the bacteria which are largely responsible for any breakouts you may experience. Some lasers will also reduce inflammation and while you will again have to make the adequate arrangements in relation to the recovery time, the general feedback is hugely positive.



The final procedure on our list is microdermabrasion; which happens to be an inclusion that may raise a few eyebrows. This is a treatment which is largely associated with acne scar removal, but a lot of people still taste success as they utilise it as their primary course of treatment.

It’s probably the least painful procedure of the lot, with a trained professional discharging tiny crystals over the patient’s face with a specialist machine. The idea is that the crystals will effectively blast the dead skin cells and allow fresh ones to grow back.

Anybody who suffers from inflamed acne should probably be dissuaded from using this option, as this is an instance where it isn’t completely effective. In those cases the chemical peel and phototherapy suggestions offer a much greater success rate, but we simply had to include microdermabrasion because it’s simplicity and the fact that it’s pain-free and doesn’t have any short-term side effects. In other words, you’ll be able to hit the office straight after experiencing it.