Tips for Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has gained popularity over the past decade. The cost greatly depends on the method that you pick, the whiteness level that you want to achieve and whether you choose professional or do it at home methods.
There are a lot of methods of do it yourself teeth whitening that you do at home.
One is a wand that you can purchase at your local chemist shop. It is filled with tooth bleach and you apply a thin layer to your uppers and bottom teeth. It is easy to use but doesn’t last a very long time. You can also have your dentist make a whitening tray for you. You can also purchase these from the internet. The downside for this method is that it is quite expensive and can also be painful. Many toothpaste brands make whitening film which is inexpensive but it is time consuming and the results are not that great.
If you choose to go the way of professionals, It can be costly but tends to have the best results. If there is pain, it usually lasts for only a couple of days. The dentist will use a bleaching gel and a light to move the process along. Some dentists also use a laser. It only takes around an hour for the entire process and the pain is very minimal.
If you have extreme discoloration or imperfect shape, you may want to consider veneers. It is the most expensive option but it’s a permanent one. A very thin sheet of porcelain is pasted to your teeth like glue. It is really the best way to get a perfect smile if that is your goal. Not only will it give you that great smile but it will also improve your self esteem.

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