Teething Advice and Treatments

babiesTeething advice and treatment for new parents can seem daunting; however, if you take the time to read all of the information, you will understand how to effectively use Calpol when your baby is suffering. When your baby is unwell it can be distressing, and you will want to ensure that you can do everything in your power to relieve and remove the discomfort.

When my baby was suffering from teething pain, the information on the Calpol website was invaluable, and helped me to understand the correct dosage to give my baby. This was something that I knew I had to get right, as giving any medicine to babies and children is serious. There were many times when I was unsure of different things, however, the team on the Calpol website guided me through the process.

Calpol have an excellent range of different medications, which will help with numerous ailments in babies, toddlers and children. The guidance on the website is brilliant; however, if you are unsure at any time, you should speak to your doctor. They will reassure you, and guide you through the teething advice and treatment process.

childTeething is a natural process, however, it can cause a huge amount of pain, discomfort and distress to your baby. They will spend hours trying to break the teeth through the gums; therefore, proving Calpol to help with the pain is vital. Often when the teeth are coming through, your baby will suffer with a fever, which can be helped with Calpol.

I found that Calpol infant was excellent for my baby, and can be used from the age of two months, it helped with the fever, pain and general aches that my baby was suffering with during this difficult time. There is teething gel available from the age of three months; however, it does not help with the other symptoms.