The Benefits of Sports Massage

massageWhen you hear the words ‘sports massage’, you assume it’ll be a service that only caters to professional sports players, focusing on treatment that will benefit the client’s performance in their chosen sport. However, this isn’t strictly true. While it certainly does specialise in massage tailored to help sports performance and recovery from injury, it can also be beneficial to anyone who exercises, no matter to what skill level.

Just a few of the issues that sports massage deals with are:

Circulation and blood flow: By massaging the body, you can improve your circulation and lymphatic flow throughout. Stimulating the blood vessels under the skin encourages the blood to flow faster and stronger throughout the body, resulting in better circulation and subsequently better mobility.

Nerve endings: Massage can also do the same for nerve endings, by similarly stimulating them into action!

Muscle length: Sports massages can subtly increase or decrease muscle length depending on your needs. Remember that it’s only a professional sports masseuse that has the skills, knowledge and experience to do this – any DIY attempts may do more damage than good!

sportsThese are just three of the many benefits of sports massages. As you can see, they are three features that could greatly benefit everyday mobility and function, not just in the professional sporting field but around the home also. If you are recovering from a past injury that keeps giving you trouble, or even just wanting to improve the mobility of aging joints, sports massage can really help out.

In terms of where to find these kinds of services, it’s worth looking for physiotherapists. If you’re situated in the right place it won’t be difficult to find a sports injury clinic in London who offer physiotherapy services. If you’re somewhere a bit more remote, it’s worth checking out the website for the Sports Massage Association (SMA) which you can find here: Their ‘find a practitioner’ page will help you find your nearest sports masseuse.

So if you have a niggling issues and stiff joints or whether you’re a professional sports player wanting to improve your performance, get a sports massage today and feel the benefit instantly!