The Latest Whitening Treatments Available On The High Street

Tooth whitening has hit the big time and thousands of people in the UK are taking steps to achieve a lighter, brighter smile. White teeth have long been associated with beauty and you rarely see a celebrity without a perfect set of bright white teeth; this has undoubtedly increased the popularity of whitening treatment in the last decade. So, which treatments are available and how can you achieve that perfect smile?

High street whitening treatments

If you’re shopping for a whitening treatment on the high street, you will probably come across whitening toothpaste and whitening kits, which contain bleaching agent. Toothpaste is inexpensive and claims to make the teeth look whiter by removing surface stains; however, there is little evidence to prove that these products have any real effect on the look of the smile and they don’t actually change the shade of the teeth.

Whitening kits, which you can buy in pharmacies and high street shops use bleaching agents in tandem with EU regulations; the strength of these agents is regulated carefully and while you may achieve noticeable results, it’s advisable to see a dentist for the best possible outcome.

Whitening treatment should only be provided by trained and qualified dentists; as it is a dental procedure, it is important that the people who provide treatment have the necessary skills and expertise to administer it safely and effectively.

Professional tooth whitening

If you long for a bright white smile, the best thing to do is to see your dentist and ask about their whitening treatment options. Many clinics offer a combination of home whitening and in-chair treatments and the results are much more effective than high street treatment.

Home whitening treatment provided by dentists is a very effective convenient way to lighten the teeth and treatment takes place at home, so you can fit it in around your schedule. Treatment usually takes round 10-14 days and all you have to do is wear whitening trays for around 6 hours each night. Home whitening is a good option for patients who want lighter teeth, as well as those who have minor staining following Invisalign or fixed brace treatment.

In-chair treatments tend to work faster and they produce long-term results. Treatment is painless and you can notice the difference straightaway. Enlighten, often branded the best whitening treatment in the world, combines home and in-chair treatment for a treatment duration of 15 days, which includes 14 days of home treatment and a one-hour power session at the dental clinic.

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