Things to know before buying e cigarette

smoking-7Are you a chain-smoker and need an option or help to get rid of it? Then it is better to opt for electronic cigarettes which have been a choice for many smokers today. They could be smoked even in public places where traditional cigarettes are totally banned because of its odour, breath or ashes. Below mentioned points would give you a clear picture that how these e-cigarettes are different from the conventional one:

  • Quality and durable batteries:

A battery is a life blood or a backbone of this kind of cigarettes that makes sure that the battery is powerful enough to satisfy your full day of smoking or at least 300 puffs a day. It has to be durable as it would be getting a number of bumps throughout a day.

  • Use at ease:

smoking (3)Traditional designs of e-cigs had a 3 piece design that let the designers manually refill it with a messy smoking liquid. Previously this liquid used to get spilled frequently over clothing and furniture. In addition to this, reusable atomizer gets clogged and the performance gets reduced with its consistent use.

Current industry trend is to have a 2 piece design that makes replacement of the cartridge at ease. In the e cig starter kit, the cartridge is pre filled with smoking liquid thus you would gain a fresh experience with each puff in each replacement. The replacement process is quite simple, you just have to unscrew the old one and screw a fresh one.

  • Multiple options to get it charged:

It is better to go for one that cater multiple options for charging apart from a USB charger because, if you run out of power and you are not near a laptop or computer to charge it then you would be out of your luck. Opt for a one that has a multiple charging options like wall adapter and a car adapter because this device would help you charge your battery anywhere you want.

  • Flavour:

It’s a fact that you would enjoy the smoke only with the one that has a great flavour. The only option you have is to look for the flavour that matches your mood or try number of flavours to find a perfect one. While scouring for companies look for a one that also has multiple tobacco options.

  • Life span of cartmoizers:

The cartomizer should always have a good and lasting flavour. It would be quite annoying to have a one that has to be changed even after 50 puffs. It should at least last 340 puffs per customizer. Thus the longer you go between changing cartomizers the more you would save.

  • smoking (2)USB Cigarette:

A USB cigarette is a better replacement in case if the battery that you have is not charged. Hence this USB Pass-through would ensure that you enjoy your cigarette while the other battery is getting charged. While buying an electronic cigarette ensure that it also has a USB kit.

  • Get a one that has high smoke volume:

It is better to go for a review or watch a video to make sure that the one you are buying has a high smoke volume output. Nevertheless, every brand has a distinct level of smoke volume. Furthermore, who won’t be enthralled watching the formation of smoke clouds from the lips? 

Author Bio:

Chris, a freelance writer and a user of e-cig starter kit is keen to show the difference and important points that has to be deemed while buying or looking for an electronic cigarette.