Too many toothpaste to choose from…

brushing-2Which toothpaste to choose is a remarkably complex choice now, and if you get it wrong then you may be at the dentist getting a root canal, or other treatment that gives your dentist big bucks.  As well as comparing different brands, each one has their own variety of products on offer, promising different things about how they will affect your teeth.  How are people supposed to choose between a toothpaste which claims to destroy plaque, one which says it prevents cavities, one which leaves your mouth clean or at least ‘feeling’ clean, one which offers 12 hour protection or one which says it will give you whiter teeth?

When all things are considered I think we can all agree that we would expect or hope that our toothpaste would do all of these things anyway.  The companies who make these products deliberately make their claims in descriptive terms which are hard to quantify and therefore to argue with.  It seems cynical to admit that the only real way to make a choice may be just to find one you like the taste of and stick to it.

brushingIf you decide that you need more guidance than this however, there are many dentists to choose from so you might want to visit yours and ask their opinion on the matter.  Unless of course you happen to be so cynical that you think your dentist would deliberately mislead you in order to get some business for himself when you find that you need a tooth extraction.  All joking and cynicism aside, consulting with your dentist on things like this is always a good idea as it gives you the best chance of selecting a good oral hygiene routine and avoiding uncomfortable or expensive treatment in the future.