Types of Coughs and Remedies

headacheHere are some of the most common types of coughs.

Mucus Cough- This type of cough is sometimes also referred to as the chesty cough, it results from accumulation of mucus in the chest. Benylin syrup helps to loosen the mucus; this in turn helps to relieve the feeling of tightness experienced in the chest.

Dry Coughs- These are caused by an inflammation on some of the upper airways. Some of the common causes of this inflammation include dust, throat infections and foreign bodies. Usually there is no production of phlegm or mucus.
Chesty Cough- This results from accumulation of mucus and phlegm in the lungs. This is quite similar to the mucus coughs though their treatment is a little different.
Tickly Cough- This normally produces a tickly sensation on the irritated area resulting in a cough. However, no mucus is produced in the process.

Benylin cough syrups are best known for their ability to treat various types of coughs. These products are manufactured by professionals who have all the skills and expertise required to deliver top quality effective cough remedies. However, in order to enjoy the full benefits of using these syrups one has to first correctly diagnose the type of cough being experienced.

The Benylin Mucus Cough syrup contains an active ingredient called guaifenesin whose main role is to loosen and thin the mucus in the chest in a bid to relieve congestion. This in turn helps to clear the air passage for easier breathing. On the other hand Benylin Dry Cough syrups contain demineralised sugar and glycerine that work hand in hand to sooth affected chest areas. All the syrups are affordable and can be purchased in most pharmacies.