What does a private health check include?

health insuranceA private health check is often recommended by health insurers and doctors as a means of checking your health status; a health check is a kind of MOT for the body.

What happens during a private health check?

When you go for a private health check your doctor will examine you, carry out basic tests and ask you a few questions about your lifestyle and your medical history. The physician will require a thorough medical history and they will also ask about your family history to see if any conditions are prevalent in your family.

Your doctor will weigh and measure you to check your BMI (body mass index) and they will also collect blood and urine samples; in some cases, test results will be available on the same day but this may not always be the case.

They will also assess your vision and hearing by carrying out some simple tests.

Some private GP London health companies also offer additional checks, including female health and senior health and these will have further tests that are specific to the individual.

The length of a health check appointment varies according to the kind of check you have; basic health checks are usually complete within an hour, while more thorough checks may take up to 2 hours. Your doctor will be advice you how long the test will be.

Why would I need a health check?

If you are applying for a job, you are planning on embarking upon a physical challenge or you want to take out private health insurance you may be advised to have a health check with a private GP in London or around the UK. You may also wish to have a health check to make sure you are in good health, especially if you have family history of certain conditions.