Whitening Homemade Toothpaste

brushing-2Brushing your teeth is one of those things that you automatically do every day. From the time you were growing up, you were probably told that you have to brush every morning and every after a meal. However, have you ever taken the time to think about the ingredients in the toothpaste you use for brushing? Have you ever taken time to read that toothpaste box to find out exactly what you are putting in your mouth? When you do take the time you will discover that most commercial toothpaste brands contain a variety of chemicals that are harmful to your health. If your intention is to have whiter healthier teeth, you should think about making your own toothpaste. Below are the ingredients you will need for your homemade whitening toothpaste.


  • Organic coconut oil: This is an anti bacterial that will help to stop tooth decay. For your whitening homemade toothpaste, you should use three table spoons of coconut oil.
  • Baking soda: This is known for removing plaque, whitening teeth and freshening breath. A table spoon of baking soda is enough for homemade toothpaste. Before toothpaste was introduced, people used to brush with baking soda and salt. Even without toothpaste, they managed to keep their teeth healthy and were not worried about having harmful chemicals in their bodies.
  • Xylitol: This is a sweetening agent, so it will help to sweeten the taste of the toothpaste. Additionally, it also prevents bacteria from sticking to the teeth. Xylitol can be bought online and from any health food store. About one to two teaspoons of Xylitol is enough.

brushingHaving got all your ingredients, the first thing you should do is get a bowl where you will do the mixing. Mix one table spoon of baking soda with three table spoons of coconut oil. Add in half a tea spoon of Xylitol and keep adding until you attain the sweetness you want in your toothpaste. It is advisable that you keep on tasting as you are mixing, so as to know when you have attained the required sweetness. Add a little water or hydrogen peroxide if you prefer. This will help to give the toothpaste a little consistency. In other words, it will help to make your homemade toothpaste look more like toothpaste. If you want to give the toothpaste a little more flavor, you should also consider adding between ten to twenty drops of essential pure oil. However, make sure that the essential oil you use is that which is safe for consumption. Some oils are meant for aromatherapy and these are usually toxic and harmful to the body.

When you are done making your toothpaste, it is recommended that you only use it a few times a week. This is because; the toothpaste contains baking soda, which is abrasive to the teeth. Additionally, because of the baking soda, you do not need to brush hard when using this toothpaste. Even when brushing lightly, you will still be able to attain the results that you want.