Why Does Everybody have to Depend upon Psychotherapists Nowadays?

teen10Why does everybody have to depend upon psychotherapists nowadays?
Psychoanalysis and Freud are known to everybody but nobody wishes to tread beyond these theories into a no man’s land. Mental processes are the greatest mystery and bring fear to the lay person; only the expert seems to have an understanding of how the mind works and how it can be afflicted by anxieties, sometimes crucially so when psychotherapy may be required.

Have you heard of these terms? Or wondered what they mean?
• Cognitive therapy
• Psycho dynamic therapy
• Cognitive-Behavioral therapy
We are traditionally lost in the maze we call life, something we take for granted from cradle and grave and everything in between. During that epic circle of life there are bound to be a few mental hardships and handicaps during the stressful times.
What could be these stressful times?
 Examinations for teenagers
 Professional problems
 Dating
 Substance abuse
 Sex problems
 Anger management
 Violent urges
 Great fear or worry

iStock_000002693107XSmallWhat are the solutions? Psychotherapist New York is prescribed drugs the way out in the belief that chemical disorders in the brain are the cause? Or shall we believe what our forefathers did that madness was caused by the attack of evil spirits? Witches were burnt alive in the belief that they were infected by the devil.
We often behave irrationally caught up as we are in an inhibited society where we are not allowed to express ourselves freely. And then comes the pressure to perform; family and friends expect superhuman achievements and disappointment results from not achieving impossible to attain goals. Teachers and parents prescribe excellence as the primary goal; political and industry leaders prescribe the same formula.
Amidst conflicting emotions, value systems and the race to money, success, power and fame comes the time when the fragile human system of mind and body cracks up, unable to tolerate the stress and the strain both psychologically and emotionally.
How can psychotherapist New York help?
• humanistic and integrative psychotherapies stresses relationships to others and to society
• cognitive behavioral therapies refer to destructive emotions and maladapted behavior
• psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapies studies the unconscious mind like Freud did and how it influences thought and behavior

697319_even_angels_cryWhat procedures are followed? A psychotherapist conducts a series of meetings with the client that may not last beyond an hour. The client is encouraged to open us, vent feelings, think constructively and find solutions. Group sessions also have a therapeutic effect in certain situations like the family meeting together with the psychotherapist to resolve issues.

Mental malaise could run deeper in some cases:
 Generalized Anxiety Disorder
 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
 Panic Disorder
 Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
 Schizophrenia
 Anxiety Disorders

With severe cases, treatment may be more intensive, involve more sessions over an extended period of time and may or may not be supported by prescription drugs. A team of doctors work with the patient. The patient is subjected to occupational therapy through work sessions and the family works closely with the medical authorities to achieve optimum success.