Why The Right Footwear Matter to Health

bootsFeet play a crucial role in the lives of all human beings, and it is only right to claim vehemently that the footwear we use hold the key to our welfare. Feet bear our overall weight when we stand, run, go on a recreational trip, walk, exercise, or carry out any of our daily activities. Shoes have been around, in some form or the other, since a long time. Today, scientists have proved that the footwear we use has a direct impact on our overall health and feeling of comfort, health, security and happiness.

Although tremendously flattering in appearance, a faulty pair of shoes can cause anything from damaging nerves, causing varicose veins, slouchy posture, pain in the legs, spine, tiredness, calluses, corns, blisters, injuries, incorrect gait, hammertoe and a lot many equally devastating problems. The fit, material, sole and style of the footwear make a huge difference. Our foot was meant to be perpendicular to our bodies. Anything that alters this principle has destructive consequences on our health.

Podiatrists are inundated with people approaching them with troubles arising due to the footwear they have been habitually using. These could go to the extent of sprains, and ingrown toe nails to more serious cases of ruptured Achilles tendon. Health care specialists say that when we move on our feet, our muscles and ligaments too undergo complex changes that make the activity feel light and smooth. In case the feet are hampered by defective footwear, the whole progression is thrown off-gear, ultimately resulting in wounding some part of the body. It is better to have the bus contact number than running behind it every morning to reach your office wearing inappropriate shoes.
People wondering why the right footwear matter to health need only wear the wrong or incorrect ones for a couple of days to arrive at the answer. There are also long-term damages that could be irreversible. The slow but sure, changes in skin, brain, gait, joints, muscles, ligaments and bones are quite shocking. It is important to wear the right footwear in order to carry on with your activities normally and comfortably. It is true that when your feet hurt or are tired, you 947450_shoes_1tend to feel tired or hurt all over.

There is no hard and fast rule governing shoes for everyone. You have to find the most appropriate ones that suit your health, activity, and life-style. The right shoes are those that fit well, and do not tire you. Wrong orthotic can be quite detrimental to your health in totality. A quarter of the 206 bones of the body and sensitive nerve endings are in the feet.

The right footwear matters to health to a greater degree than what is apparent. When the supply of blood to the brain is thwarted due to faulty footwear, it could result in fading memory or cerebral changes. The backbone is especially susceptible to one’s footwear habits. Cases of slipped disc due to high heeled shoes or stilettos are not rare.