Your Epidermis and How to Look After It

dent2It sounds complicated, but it’s actually simple. Your ‘epidermis’ is your skin. I know it sounds like some complex internal organ, but in fact it’s the opposite – the epidermis is your external layers of skin. They cover what is called your dermis – your hidden layers of skin. Now when you combine the epidermis and the dermis you get what is called your ‘cutis’, which put simply means your entire layer of skin. Why is it important to know this? Because once you know this, you’ll have a greater understanding of the technology you can use to better look after your cutis.

So here’s a few ideas for caring for your epidermis:

Moisturise: In order to battle those tricky signs of aging, it’s important to regularly moisturise. This keeps the skin alive, hydrated and supple. Without it your skin becomes dry and weathered, which in turn makes it more prone to wrinkling and the development of frown lines. By moisturising you can keep your skin supple and young looking.

Exfoliation: Unless your product specifically tells you to do so, it’s best not to exfoliate every day. This is because exfoliation goes one step further than a normal cleanser. By using an abrasive material such as pumice, a soft brush, crushed sea salt or apricot scrub exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving fresh skin underneath. However if you do this too often you can damage your skin, as it takes a certain number of days for your new skin cells to become old and ready to be scrubbed away. Similarly avoid doing it too often if your skin already suffers from dryness. One good product is the Obagi CLENZIderm Exfoliating Day Lotion – it really does the trick, and isn’t too harsh on the skin.

waterCold water: After you’ve cleansed and exfoliated, it’s important to remember to splash your face with cold water. This isn’t just a myth; the cold water causes the now-clear pores in your face to react and close, thus protecting them from dirt and oil. If you’re not sure what facial pores are, it’s important to learn! They are responsible for producing the natural oils in your face. While you probably hear the word ‘oil’ and panic about greasy skin, never fear! While excess oil doesn’t look too good, it’s actually beneficial for your face to produce natural oil – it keeps your skin young and supple. Just remember that after you’ve cleaned out your pores of dirt and oil, give them a splash of cold water to close them up. This slows down oil production and blocks the pores from dirt, keeping your epidermis clearer for longer. For more info on pores have a look at this site:

These few tips will equip you with the knowhow and good practise to help keep your skin clear, clean and age-free. By using the right products and remembering simple tricks such as splashing your face with water, you can ensure that your skin is bright and clear every day.