For those out there with hair worries…

hairFor the unfortunate people that either don’t have healthy hair because of genetics or through poor dietary care, there can be a solution. If someone is having excess of hair loss and they have exhausted all other means of fixing this, they can look into getting hair transplants. Generally hair transplants are something that men do more than women, but it is a procedure that either sex can get. If one tried everything to stop hair loss and nothing is working then this might be the last resort.

Hair transplants are surgical procedures that are done by a doctor. What happens is they take skin that has hair follicles from one part of a person’s body and transplant it to the site that needs the hair. This is generally used for the scalp area but can also be used for eyebrows, beard’s and eyelashes.

This procedure can be done a few different ways. Discussing with your doctor the best type of procedure for you is important. Most of the time the follicle graphs are taken from the persons own body if this is possible, but sometimes a donor can be used.