Has your Hair Started Receding? Follow this Guide

coupleMen and some women as they age will start to notice changes on top of the hair; hair begins to thin and recede. What ways can the receding hairline be slowed, treated and possibility stopped? Losing hair can not only affect the physical appearance but can be hard to deal with on an emotional level. Looking in the mirror and not seeing the reflection that you want can be depressing. Some men can pull of the bald head look off well, but it isn’t for everyone. Here is a guide to what to know what options are there when your hair starts to recede:

  • What does it mean to have hair recede?
  • A receding hair line is when the hair near the front starts to thin out to a point where the hair is gone or it is very thin.  It generally starts near the forward and it looks and feels like your forehead is getting wider and wider.  A receding hair line is a part of male pattern baldness.
  • What medications can be used for the treatment of men hair loss and thinning?
  • Finasteride– is a synthetic drug that is used for treatment of male pattern baldness as well as the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia.  It reduces the amount of testosterone converting to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  DHT clogs the hair follicles preventing the growth and regrowth of hair, causing it to slowly thin out and recede.  Finasteride is in brand names like Proscar and Propecia and other generic names.
  • Minoxidil- is a vasodilator and has other chemicals that are responsible for the hair growth. The full extent of why it is effective is still being reserved. But being vasodilator it widens blood vessels and potassium channels that allows more oxygen and blood to the hair follicles.
  • medication-1Most medications are needed to be taken on a regular basis when the medication is stopped the hair will begin to recede once more.
  • What natural treatments can be done to reduce a receding hair line?
  • Take an amino acid supplement, these are rich in keratin and other important nutrients that help hair grow.
  • Be sure to eating a healthy diet, full of vitamins and minerals that will keep your scalp healthy and more receptive to hair growth.
  • Prepare your scalp by taking steps to prepare it for regrowth and limiting the thinking of existing hair.
  • To help promote hair growth is to make sure that the scalp is in a condition that hair has the opportunity to grow in.  This can be done with scalp peels or cleansers, just make sure what you decide to use will remove embedded sebum and built up residues. This will prep the scalp for hair growth. It is an important step which is explained in more detail in this guide to stopping a receding hair line.

Sometimes when it discouraged from the lack of regrowth from topical treatments talking to a doctor can help explore new options. Check out hair transplant pictures to see examples of how this method can improve a receding hair line.  Having a receding hairline doesn’t mean it has to change your life; there are many possibilities to reduce the effects and causes of male pattern baldness.