What are hair transplants about

Hair transplant surgery can be an awesome experience for those who have been dealing with the effects of baldness for years. It can give an older man his youth, a sick patient a healthier outlook and even an ill kid with little hope something to dream about. To go from bald to having hair in a day can be a great feeling and many people have already felt that feeling and in the near future thousands of other people will as well.
Hair transplant surgery is more positive than negative and for a lot of people the side effects that can come from it are way too little to worry about not getting hair transplants. Everybody however, who is thinking about getting hair transplants should know of the side effects to safely make the choice for themselves.
It should be well noted that hair transplant doctors do not prescribe a pain medication after the procedure which should tell most people the pain related to it is moderate to none.
First of all, for any pain that may be felt once the numbness of the procedure is worn off Advil or even Tylenol will work great to take away the pain. Therefore that might be something to keep in mind. Secondly, there will be an amount of bleeding involved so this is very common and should not be considered something to phone the emergency room about or your doctor.
There will be some discomfort around the areas that were plucked and the ones that were inserted into, so that will be common for the next few weeks of healing. Scalp tenderness or numbness is common as well so do not worry if you feel your head go numb in one spot but not in another. For any swelling, it could last up to five days. These are the most common side effects caused by hair transplant surgery.

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